Myron Norman has undertaken a tremendous task: translate the complex nutritional cognitive research he learned before his brain injury into easy-to-understand language - all while explaining how he used that research to reverse his brain damage. He has succeeded in a groundbreaking way!

In an age run by fad-diets and pop-up cookbooks, eating has never been so confusing or tiresome, especially when you're trying to recover from life's most traumatic events. In Lifesaving FAQs of How Food Reversed My Brain Damage, author Myron Norman details his courageous journey to save his own brain by applying the work of the world's leading brain and nutrition experts with the tools he knew best - a fork and a spoon.

In conjunction with Nancy Emerson Lombardo, PhD., Founder of the National Alzheimer's Association, Maria Shriver, Emmy Award Winner and Founder of The Women's Alzheimer's Movement, Chef Kimberly Brock Brown, Regional Vice President of the American Culinary Federation, Celeste Palmer, Founder of Bridging the Gap, and Christina Montsma MACP, Psycho Social Analyst 

    “Some people will say that conspiracies in the medical field prevent everyday people from accessing vital information about the brain. I don’t believe that. I’m am proof that the information is out there.” 
    – Myron Norman 

    “Chef Myron is a profound thought leader. His books will equip you with real-life strategies to successfully maneuver through life’s most traumatic events.” 
    – Kimberly Brock Brown, Corporate Chef and Entrepreneur