Finding the right book to read can be hard - especially if you're a brain injury survivor. If you've read any books written by Myron Norman - also a brain injury survivor - you'd know he solved that problem several books ago.

In his newest release Unscripted - A Guide to Living Spontaneously After Amnesia & Brain Trauma, Myron Norman gives his readers a glimpse into the life of his own mentor - Celeste Palmer who lost 50 years of her memory after a car ran a stop sign crashing into her vehicle. Unscripted is a powerfully written guide for anyone yearning to start over after the absolute worst circumstances. 

Added chapters tribute the world renowned Management Consultant and Author Peter F. Drucker, his wife Doris and their special friendship with Celeste Palmer.

"Myron Norman is a terrific writer!"

Nancy Emerson Lombardo Ph.D, Founder of the National Alzheimer's Association 

"A practical and inspiring guide to starting over with purpose."

Christina Montsma, MACP

"Celeste Palmer's story is crammed with proven tips to help anyone succeed - Myron Norman has penned a masterpiece!

Kimberly Brock Brown CEPC,CCA, AAC, Corporate Chef and Entrepreneur 

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