A good story has the power to show you who you want to be. Chef Myron is one of those stories. If you haven't been touched by his life, pull up a seat.

Chef Myron's fascination with the brain started the day he was born - literally. He was nearly strangled to death in his mother's womb by the umbilical cord - an emergency delivery is what saved his life. The nursing staff tied a green ribbon to a single lock of his hair and dubbed him a "miracle baby". Interestingly, that 'green ribbon' was foretelling of Chef Myron's gift to brain injury survivors worldwide (green ribbons symbolize traumatic brain injury awareness).

Fast forward a few decades later in Chef Myron's life - to the year 2014 to be exact - he graduated from the American Culinary Federation. Unlike many of his classmates, Chef Myron bypassed the traditional culinary path and took a more scientific route. Following his graduation, he combined what he learned in culinary school with an area of brain research centered on nutritional cognitive neuroscience - specifically, the impact nutrition has on the damaged or impaired brain, cellular regeneration, and human genetics.

In 2016, Chef Myron's life took an abrupt turn. One night while at work, an intruder forcibly entered his work space and attacked him. He suffered a debilitating brain injury and spinal trauma. Now, after countless hours spent studying the link between the brain and nutrition, Chef Myron's was forced to put his knowledge to the test - but would it fix his brain?

Despite experiencing stroke like symptoms, constant shooting pains in his arms, headaches, streaky eye sight, uncontrollable drooling with little to no physical mobility some days, the need to recover was real for Chef Myron. Before he'd recover physically, he'd have to overcome the emotional trauma resulting from the attack before he could apply the research he learned. It was then he discovered physical healing rarely comes if the soul is still wounded

After several nights of confronting his own demons, childhood hurts, and adult insecurities, and traumatic experiences, Chef Myron's soul began to mend. Now that his inner-mind was healing, he could treat his physical mind - his brain. He then took to his kitchen and customized a menu plan tailored according to the research he'd been learning over the las several months. To the shock of many, Chef Myron made a miraculous recovery!

Since then, Chef Myron made a huge splash in the publishing industry with his book Lifesaving FAQs of How Food Reversed My Brain Damage. Today he writes recipe and nutrition articles for food businesses and global research institutions and has been featured by leading brain experts and advocates such as, Nancy Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D., founder of the National Alzheimers Association, and Maria Shriver, founder of The Women's Alzheimers Movement - to name a few.

In his latest release Unscripted - A Guide to Living Spontaneously After Amnesia & Brain Trauma, Chef Myron tells the remarkable story of his own mentor Celeste Palmer. He recounts Celeste Palmer's rise back to the top of her career after a driver ran a stop sign crashing into her vehicle. She lost 50 years of her memory. Chef Myron also reveals intimate details about the life of world renowned management consultant Peter F. Drucker, his wife Doris, and the special bond they shared with Celeste Palmer. 

Since launching his own publishing agency for brain books and survivor stories (Brain Health Publishing), Chef Myron stepped into the role of executive director at Bridging the Gap, a prominent California nonprofit serving individuals and families impacted by neurological impairments around the world.