You have questions? That's normal. You must be really interested. We have the best answers.

How did Brain Health Publishing get started?

M. Nick Norman started BHP in 2014 after he suffered a brain injury. An intruder attacked him while working one night. During his recovery, Nick met many other brain injury survivors who craved books that could explain their symptoms without the jargon and included ways to recover. BHP helps to solve those problems.

I'd like to have you write a book for my company... what now?

You catch on quick! Simply go here.

How can I order copies for myself?

Our books are available in bulk and in short print runs. However, in some cases, certain titles are not available for public purchasing. If there is a title you're interested in, please submit your request and the number of copies you'd like. Then, we will provide you with a quote or further details about that specific title.

What topics or subjects do you publish?

When it comes to science, health, and technology, we publish a myriad of titles covering memoirs and personal life stories, brain research, nutrition, optometry, health-tech innovations, genetics, complex medical procedures, and others.

What does your typical publishing client look like?

Science and health-related businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs seek us out the most. Some of the professionals we work have enjoyed long careers and want to re-brand themselves for new ventures and fresh endeavors. Nothing can do that better than a book. We offer a number of ways for businesses to drum up positive publicity, attract investors, and other benefits.

What types of business partnerships do you support?

We're good about forming relationships with businesses that support science or health research. For example: we have a wonderful relationship with The Oakland Museum of California. In fact, we're releasing a book this Summer that highlights the positive impact a museum can have on the brain. We're really creative with our projects. If you have some partnership related ideas, do share!

Can I feature other businesses or organizations in my book?

Sure! We encourage that. Heck, you can even split the publishing costs between as many partners as you'd like. When the book is finished, you and your partners will be seamlessly woven into the story line. This is a great idea for companies or nonprofits that could use some exposure or positive publicity.

What types of books do you publish?

We're open to publishing eBooks, paperback or hardback books, and memoirs.

What's the tone of the books you write?

Storytelling is what we do best.

I don't have time to get a book together... how can you help me?

We've worked with some of the best and busiest scientists and health professionals out there; we know how to handle time. That said, the process is really simple. Basically, you talk and we write. On-top-of what you tell us to put in your book, either you can provide us with any news clippings, media, articles, or we can dig them up ourselves.  We'll then turn it all into a story.

How long does the entire process take?

If you're really serious... possibly 3 months. It'll depend on you. Once you book your free chat with one of our team members, we'll be able to flush out a general timeline.

Who will market and promote my book if I don't have time?

We have that covered too. That's something we'll cover during your free discovery phone call.

Will my book be distributed to bookstores?

That's up to you. If you do want that, we'll be glad to help you get that done. If you prefer the book to be an in-house thing, that's fine. It's yours. You can make it available however you choose.

Will my book be sold on Amazon?

See the answer to the last question. :)

What if I am not satisfied with the book?

That's not possible. You'll receive a copy of the hard proof copy of your book. We'll go over it together and if you like what you see, we move to the print stage.