At the root of my success you'll find a mastery of Communications + Partnerships + Strategy. 

It's the three-legged-stool you want your business comfortably seated on. Lose any one of the three and you'll find yourself on the floor. 

Here are my specialties:

Strategic Partnerships: The hey-day of social media isn't over by a long-shot. Sure, you'll net a lot of "Friends" along the way, but you'll need real stakeholders at your table if you want to become a front-runner. That's where I come into play. I help organizations identify and attract high-end stakeholders capable of dropping a blank check or providing resources and infrastructure to complete development initiatives.

Persuasive Communications: Rightly spoken or written words can convert a seven-figure donor, ramp-up sales or coax a would-be-jumper away from the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge. Would you agree? Bottom-line: I use the power of the human language to galvanize public support or soften opposition toward major development projects such as building a housing campus for veterans.