I'm Myron, why don't you lean in a bit. I've got some interesting things to share. I won't be long.

Moments before I was born, inside my mother's womb, the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around my neck - I was dying. An emergency delivery saved my life. With a green ribbon tied to a lock of my hair, the nursing staff dubbed me a "miracle baby". I doubt anyone knew how foretelling that green ribbon would be (green ribbons represent brain injury awareness).

Since the day I was born, my life has been on a laser-focused path toward a life of advocacy around the brain. For one, I grew up watching my mother, brother and aunt each suffer from neurological impairments. To add, after graduating from one of the world's top culinary programs, I began studying research centered on nutritional cognitive neuroscience. I wanted to know how to use food to heal the damaged brain. I had no idea I'd eventually suffer a traumatic brain injury.

One night while working on the job, an intruder attacked me. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and spinal trauma. Since then, I decided to devote all of my gifts and abilities to help survivors rebuild their lives and provide strategic support to the very organizations called to serve them.